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The term theatre derives from the ancient Greek word théatron which means “a place of action”. For 42 years Scottish Youth Theatre has provided “a place of action” for young people in Scotland to grow as individuals, to explore their creativity and to make theatre that gives them a voice to reflect on their world and their place within it.

At Scottish Youth Theatre we are increasingly aware of the mental health challenges young people face across the country. In order to offer them meaningful support during participation in our programmes, we took action. In 2019 we initiated the opportunity to engage in one to one confidential sessions with a mental health professional, as an immediate source of support for those who felt they would benefit and we introduced wellbeing workshops for groups to consider personal and group wellbeing strategies.
We ask for your support to help us continue to offer these life changing opportunities to more generations of young people in Scotland. Your donation will contribute to their creativity, resilience and wellbeing as we collectively nourish future generations of Scottish theatre makers and active citizens.

We thank you for your support.

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